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Room Spritzer

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Fill your room with your favorite EveryFlame scent in just seconds with our Room Spritzers. Choose your favorite fragrance, and spritz in the center of your room, or use to freshen up linens. Our concentrated sprays mean a little goes a long way – one spray will make the whole room smell wonderful!

Room Spritzers are a quick and easy way to change the ambiance of a room, with no worries about an open flame or electric warmer. You can also use a spray along with your favorite candle to “jumpstart” the fragrance until the candle can fill the room. 

Our Room Spritzers are made with 100% natural essential oils, the same clean ingredients we use to make our candles and wax melts. We are a carbon neutral business and help to preserve our environment by using 100% recyclable packaging and shipping materials.