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The official candle of 2020 comes in a trash can – of course! It’s a funny candle but also certainly defines what we’ve all been through this year. 2020 is trash – time to burn it down and start again!

Our 10 oz. candle is handcrafted in a mini trash can container, complete with lid. The 2020 TRASH CAN...DLE comes in our Calming Lavender Sage fragrance.

All four fragrances are made to cleanse and purify the air. Sage has long been used in smudge sticks to cleanse environments, to refresh and renew. We hope that this candle will do the same and that you can breathe deep and be hopeful that things will change soon.

We take your health and protecting the environment very seriously, so we make all of our candles out of 100% soy wax. They burn clean, which means no toxic soot is released into the air. As a carbon neutral business, we package all of our items in 100% recyclable containers, packaging and packing materials.