New Website, Product Updates & Supply Chain Issues


Welcome to our new website, powered by the Shopify platform! In asking for feedback, our old website platform was not user friendly, so we made the move to Shopify. Known for making the online shopping process as smooth and painless for you. We're excited to see what this will bring in the future of EveryFlame!


The candlemaker's world is in a bit of a hard place lately. As an industry, we rely on many supplies from a global marketplace. From wax, to fragrance, to wicks and the glass vessels- everything relies on a strong global supply chain which has seen unprecedented roadblocks stemming from the global pandemic.


With that being said, some of our favorite glass vessels (mainly the 18oz Wooden Wick Glass) are unavailable and will not be available for the foreseeable future. We are working on finding a good replacement, but this is a global issue, and every other candlemaker that loved the vessels are in the same boat. Stay tuned for updates, but at this point in time, we have a large supply of Apothecary Jars- both 8oz and 16oz- and will be producing these until further notice. We have also secured a supply of larger Apothecary Jars and triple wick oval jars and are currently testing these for future launch. Keep an eye out for those to launch in the coming months!


Thank you so much for your support in this crazy year! EveryFlame has literally been a life saver, and it is truly a labor of love. Keep sending in your feedback and comments. You are very appreciated, and we appreciate you choosing EveryFlame to fill your home with wonderful fragrance!

-With Love, JC