introducing... ethos by EVERYFLAME!

today, we're excited to announce a brand new product line...

what is ethos?

since the beginning, we've been extra cautious about the ingredients in our candles, max melts, and room spritzers. we always wanted to make sure the ingredients we use are safe, healthy, and non-toxic. in researching fragrance products, it was overwhelming the amount of home fragrance we use every day that are filled with carcinogens, mutagens, and toxins.

it's become an all-consuming thing. the amount of home products that use unhealthy fragrances is staggering! so we decided to do something to help.

ethos is a collection of home products, made with health-focused ingredients. plant based soaps + body washes, body safe room and linen sprays, shower steamers, lip balms, and more. all made with the great EveryFlame fragrances you love, without the harmful chemicals found elsewhere!

we did have an issue with the supply chain, and some products are still coming soon, but we are excited to launch the first ethos products today- the body safe room + linen spritz, handcrafted cold-process soaps, plant-based body wash, and healing lip balms. check these out today by clicking on the ethos link above. enjoy!